WhatsApp Upcoming Features In 2023

As all of us know that social media platforms are making progress day by day. Whatsapp is the top social media platform where users are getting a number of features on one platform. Here in this article, we will discuss WhatsApp Upcoming Features in 2023. As we know that many of the applications are getting updated on a daily basis. Similarly, WhatsApp always tries to bring some updating on a regular basis. Keeping these things in mind WhatsApp is going to launch a number of new features in the coming days. Before discussing the upcoming attributes. Let’s discuss the recent updates in WhatsApp which made this application amazing and WhatsApp users are getting addicted to it. That is the main reason this application is the most popular among the people. The following features are the recent updates in WhatsApp.

Recent Updates Of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is available with the following features mentioned here.

  • Users were facing an issue where they were not able to login into more than 2 devices at the same time. Keeping this thing in mind WhatsApp launched its update. Now users are able to use WhatsApp on more than 4 devices at the same time. This feature provided users with more flexibility regarding the application. This thing helps them in enhancing their business. Now users can have WhatsApp on each of their devices.
  • All iPhone users may now access WhatsApp’s message search by date function. In the lengthy conversation history, this will assist users in finding a certain message. Users may search and discover messages by date using this tool. Make sure WhatsApp is up-to-date to app version 23.1.75 in order to access this functionality. The search box will then display in the chat window once you click on the profile and then press “Search” in the chat window. Using the calendar icon located directly above the on-screen keyboard, pick the day and month to search for messages by that date.
  • WhatsApp updated the internal camera interface and added a separate video mode to make it easier to take pictures and movies. To capture a video in the past, users had to press and hold the camera shutter button. With the new user interface, users may now choose to capture movies using the video option’s own button, exactly like they would with a phone’s built-in camera app. Version of Android presently supports the dedicated video mode.

More Latest Features Of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp has updated its built-in camera interface by adding a specific video mode in order to make it easier to take pictures and movies. Before, users had to hold down the camera shutter button in order to capture a video. The video option now features a button that users may pick to capture videos, exactly like with a phone’s built-in camera app. Android version presently has a dedicated video mode available.WhatsApp now gives you the option to choose which contacts you want to share your status updates with. Use this feature by selecting the “camera” or “pencil” icon under the “Status” tab, creating a text-based status, uploading an image, and selecting the “Status (excluded)” button from the bottom left. Next, choose which contacts you want to share the status with by selecting the “Only share with…” option, and then select the “checkmark” icon to upload.

That feature is attracting a number of users to this application and previous users are using it continuously.

WhatsApp Upcoming Features:

One of the greatest complaints with WhatsApp is that one account cannot be used to check in on several phones. By enabling users to join their existing WhatsApp account or cell number with extra phones, the new “Companion mode” may soon change that. When this option is active, users who login into another phone on their primary mobile device are not automatically locked out. In the end, this will enable simultaneous use of WhatsApp on an iPhone and an Android device. Expect a stable release of the functionality for Android in the upcoming months because it is presently in beta.

It will function as a “one-to-many tool for broadcasting information and they appear to be a new way to conveniently receive helpful updates from people and organizations like local officials, sports teams, or other organizations.” Because of this, users will have the option to select “whom they want to hear from and follow broadcasters of their choice right within WhatsApp.”


This year, WhatsApp plans to roll out a number of new features. Bets testing is on the way regarding this feature and this feature will be live soon in no time.. A screen lock for the desktop app, view-once text, companion mode, PiP for video calls on iOS, and other improvements are probably on the list of new WhatsApp features for 2023. This page is a list of new WhatsApp features that have been debuted and will be available for use in 2023. There are the following WhatsApp Upcoming Features listed.

  • WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is always being updated with new features to enhance the user experience across all of its platforms—android, iOS, and desktop.
  • This is the perfect opportunity to catch up if you haven’t used the newest improvements and features that the instant messaging program has to offer.
  • While some of the features are already available to beta testers, others are still in development and not yet accessible to all testers. Alternatively, certain features will be available in the next few days and users will enjoy it.
  • You must wait for a future version of the program if you can’t utilize a particular function.
  • Here is a summary of the new additions and updates.

Here we discussed the recent updation in WhatsApp and WhatsApp’s Upcoming Features in 2023. That shows that WhatsApp is an up-to-date social media platform. You can download Whatsapp from Playstore and you can also get the WhatsApp application for desktops from Chrome. That was all about the WhatsApp Upcoming Features. Keep visiting us for further content like this.

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